The overturning moment

 Overturning moment formula


 Overturning moment coefficient, cM(B, Ma, Re, d)
 Unit vector
 Overturning moment

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The point of the longitudinal axis, at which the resulting wind force F1 appears to attack is called the centre of pressure CPW of the wind force, which, for spin-stabilized bullets is located ahead of the CG. As the flow field varies, the location of the CPW varies as a function of the Mach number. Due to the non-coincidence of the CG and the CPW, a moment is associated with the wind force. This moment MW is called overturning moment or yawing moment (see figure Go to figure). For spin-stabilized projectiles MW tends to increase the yaw angle and destabilizes the bullet. In the absence of spin, the moment would cause the bullet to tumble.

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