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If you are interested to purchase EB, but need further information, simply send me a short message via eMail

When purchasing EB, you fully accept the license agreement. You assure that the software will only be used according to this license agreement. You also accept the regulations for delivery and payment. You accept that the author refuses to take over any responsibility for consequences, resulting from an application of this software.

Regulations for delivery and payment

After a number of bad experiences, I am sorry that the payment method has to be changed. From now on, I have to demand pre-payment before delivery. I also have to include a 10.- Euro fee for delivery.

For users outside the European community:
Exchange rates of your local currency and the Euro may vary from time to time. 
Please inform yourself about the valid exchange rate at the moment of your order. 

If you are interested to purchase EB, please send me an email which should include 

You may select one of two methods for payment:

For all customers inside Germany I regret that I have to demand VAT (19%).
VAT can be omitted by all customers outside Germany.

After reception of your payment I will copy the software including the user's manual on a CD and mail it to your postal address. Please note

Buy now by PayPal

You may buy EB by PayPaL. If you wish to do so, please press the button "Jetzt kaufen" = "Buy now".
Please remember that all customers inside Germany have to select the "inculde VAT" option!


License Agreement

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